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Fans, Pipes, Canes

THEATRICAL PROPS<br>Fans, Pipes, Canes<br>ParasolsHard to find props for theatrical productions. A variety of canes, staffs, fans,

PRP06 <br>Deluxe Nylon Ruffle Parasol <br>Asst Colors
PRP07 <br>Deluxe Full Lace Parasol
PRP13 <br>Mikado Paper Fan
PRP15 <br>Maribou Feather Fans <br>Asst Colors
PRP18 <br>Lace Fans <br>Asst. Colors
PRP21<br>Ornamental Fan<br>Art Deco Fan
PRP25<br>Ornamental Fan<br>Red and Gold
PRP41<br>Cigarette Holder<br>Gold Plated Holder
PRP45<br>Cigarette Holder<br>Black Cigarette Holder
PRP54<br>Cigarette Holder<br>Jeweled Cigarette Holder
PRP57<br>Cigarette Holder<br>Sequin Cigarette Holder
PRP59<br>Cigarette Holder<br>Telescoping Holder
PRP62<br>Cigarette Holder<br>Long Cigarette Holder<br>18" Length
PRP128 <br>Sherlock Holmes Pipe
PRP132 <br>Corn Cob Pipe
PRP151<br>Theatrical Props<br>Fake Cigarettes<br>6 Pack
PRP155<br>Fake Cigarettes<br>Puff Smoking Cigarettes<br>2 Pack
PRP157<br>Fake Cigar<br>Puff Smoking Cigar
PRP201<br>Wood and Brass Cane<br>Brass Duck Head
PRP205<br>Wood and Brass Canes<br>Brass Eagle Head
PRP215<br>Fancy Metal Cane<br>Cobra Head Cane
PRP218<br>Metal Walking Cane<br>Double Snake Head
PRP223<br>Metal Walking Cane<br>Dragon Head Cane
PRP228<br>Metal Walking Cane<br>Lion Head Cane
PRP235<br>Metal Walking Cane<br>Scorpion Head Cane
PRP243<br>Metal Walking Cane<br>Skull Head Cane
PRP247<br>Metal Walking Cane<br>Grim Reaper Cane
PRP254<br>Carved Wooden Cane
PRP256<br>Bamboo Walking Cane
PRP261<br>Shepherd's Staff<br>45-48" Long
PRP265<br>Wooden Shepard's Staff<br>55-60" Long
PRP268<br>Plastic Shepard's Staff<br>Brown or White
PRP369<br>Broom - 40"
PRP375<br>Crooked Witch Broom
PRP403 <br>Metal Handcuffs
PRP406<br>Plastic Chain Handcuffs
PRP409<br>Rubber Shackles
PRP429 <br>Leather Look Shackles
PRP445<br>Shackles and Chains
PRP449<br>Neck Shackle Leash
PRP475<br>Butcher's Meat Hooks
PRP525<BR>Metal Hand Bell
PRP561<br>Fake Arm Cast
PRP165**  Trick Brandy Glass
PRP175**  Royal Goblet
PR181<br>Cauldron <br>Paintable Plastic <br>7" Diameter
PRP501<br>Theatrical Props<br>Movie Clacker Board
PRP615<br>Inflatable Props<br>Ghetto Blaster