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MEN'S HATS<br>PERIOD, FORMALThe well dressed man from any time period always has a great hat.

Top Hats: Collapsible, Stovepipe, Lincoln, Felt, Lame', Glitter.
Derbys and Fedoras.
Military hats and helmets from the Roman Wars to the Great War.

MHT01 <br>Men's Hat <br>Collapsible Top Hat <br>The Real Thing
MHT07 <br>Men's Top Hat <br>Good Quality
MHT15 <br>Men's Top Hat <br>Better Quality
MHT17 <br>Tall Top Hat <br>Best Quality
MHT20 <br>Men's Top Hat <br>White Top Hat
MHT23 <br>Men's Hat <br>Stovepipe <br>Good Quality
MHT25 <br>Men's Top Hat <br>Stovepipe Hat <br>Better Quality
MHT34 <br>Novelty Top Hat <br>Lame' Top Hat <br>Asst Colors
MHT36 <br>Mens Top Hat <br>Glitter Top Hat <br>Asst Colors
MHT39 <br>Men's Derby Hat <br>Lame' Derby Hat <br>Asst Colors
MHT41 <br>Derby Hat <br>Glitter Derby Hat <br>Asst Colors
MHT45 <br>Mans Hat <br>Bowler / Derby Hat <br>Black, Brown or Grey
MHT50 <br>Men's Fedora Hat <br>"Godfather" Style Fedora <br>Black or Grey
MHT55 <br>Men's Hat <br>Wide Brim Fedora <br>Black or Brown
MHT61<br>Mens Straw Hat<br>Economy Straw Skimmer
MHT63*<br>Man's Straw Hat<br>Quality White Boater
MHT70 <br>Man's Ethnic Headpiece <br>Cloth Turban
MHT73<br>Arabian Headpiece<br>Classic Shemagh
MHT75<br>Unisex Headpiece<br>Unisex Mantle / Headscarf
MHT88 <br>Men's Headpiece <br>Crown of Thorns
MHT90 <br>Mens Crown <br> King's Crown
MHT94 <br>Royal Crown <br>Velvet Crown
MHT113 <br>Men's Theatrical Hat <br>Renaissance Scholar's Hat
MHT125 <br>Men's Period Hat <br> Cavalier Hat
MHT130 <br>Men's Historical Hat <br>Velvet Cavalier Hat
MHT140 <br>Men's Hat <br>Puritan/Pilgrim Hat <br>Top Quality
MHT145 <br>Men's Hat <br>Puritan/Pilgrim Hat <br>Good Quality
MHT146 <br>Mans Historical Hat <br>Economy Pilgrim Hat
MHT149 <br>Men's Hat <br>Quaker Hat
MHT148 <br>Mens Hat <br>Basic Utility Hat
MHT165 <br>Men's Colonial Hat <br>Tricorn Hat
MHT172 <br>Men's Historical Hat <br>Men's Tricorn Velvet  Hat
MHT179 <br>Riverboat Gambler <br>Rhett Butler Hat<br>Asst Colors
MHT181 <br>Men's Period Hat <br>Frontiersman Hat <br>Real Suede
MHT188 <br>Men's Military Hat <br>Civil War Kepie <br>Cloth Confederate Kepie
MHT198 <br>Men's Military Hat <br>Civil War Kepie <br>Suede Confederate Kepi
MHT205 <br>Men's Historical Hat <br>Civil War Officer's Hat <br>Confederate Officers Hat <br>Deluxe
MHT225 <br>Men's Military Hat <br>German Soldier's Helmet
MHT229 <br>Men's Military Hat <br>German Officer's Hat
MHT245 <br>Men's Military Hat <br>Pom Pom Beret Sailor Hat <br>French Sailor Hat
MHT253 <br>Men's Military Hat <br>Regulation Sailor Gob Hat
MHT261 <br>Men's Military Hat <br>Regulation C.P.O. Officer's Hat <br>Asst Colors
MHT269 <br>Men's Hat <br>Bandsman Hat
MHT278 <br>Men's Uniform Hat  <br>Keystone Cop / English Bobby
MHT282 <br>Men's Uniform Hat <br>Authentic English Bobby
MHT302 <br>Men's Uniform Hat <br>Chauffeur Hat
MHT315 <br>Men's  Hat <br>Engineer Hat
MHT321 <br>Men's Uniform Hat <br>Conductor/Gendarme Hat <br>Good Quality
MHT325 <br>Men's Uniform Hat <br>Conductor Hat <br>Top Quality
MHT335 <br>Men's Pimp Hat <br>Leopard Print Pimp Hat
MHT338 <br>Men's Hat  <br>Velvet Pimp Hat <br>Red or Purple
MHT341 <br>Men's Hat <br>Leather Look Pimp Hat
MHT503 <br>Mens Irish Derby <br>Shamrock Derby
MHT522 <br>Men's Patriotic Hat <br>Felt Patriotic Top Hat
MHT526 <br>Mens Patriotic Hat  <br>Uncle Sam Stovepipe Hat
MHT529 <br>Uncle Sam Hat <br>Foam Patriotic Hat
MHT535 <br>Patriotic Top Hat <br>Sequin Uncle Sam Hat
MHT701<br>Storybook Hat<br>Watch Mad Hatter
MHT706 <br>Fairytale Hat <br>The Mad Hatter<br>Hat with Hair
MHT725<br>Tam and Dreads<br>Hat with Hair
MHT735<br>Santa With Dreads<br>Hat with Hair