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1960's - 1970's

1960's - 1970's<br>COSTUMES and ACCESSORIES Men and Women's Sixties Costumes from A Go-Go to Disco, from Hippies to Pimps and Ho's. Great bellbottom styles and patterns, tye-dye T shirts,

C60W06 <br>Retro Costume <br>Bellbottom Jumpsuit <br>Retro Swirl
C60W09 <br>Sixties Costumes <br>Halter and Bellbottoms <br>Retro Swirl
C60W11 <br>Sixties Costumes <br>Bellbottoms and Halter Top <br>Paisley
C60W14 <br>Womans 60's Costume <br>Wide Bells and Top
C60W15 <br>Women's Go-Go Costume <br>Vinyl Bellbottoms and Halter
C60W17 <br>1960's Costume <br>Bell Bottom Wild Swirl Pants
C60W18 <br>Sixties Costume <br>Flower Power Bellbottom Pants
CS395 <br>Psychedelic Leggings <br>Faux Jean Leggings
CS399 <br>Graphic Print Leggings <br>Hippie Jean Leggings
CS595 <br>Womens 60's Top <br>Peace Sign Tank Top
CS535 <br>Womans Costume Skirt <br>Hippie Patchwork Skirt
CS538 <br>60's Costume <br>Tye Dye Skirt <br>Full length
CS526 <br>Womens Costume Skirt <br>Tie Dye Skirt <br>Short Length
C60W20 <br>Sixties Costume <br>Vinyl Go-Go Outfit
C60W25 <br>1960's Outfit <br>Janis Costume
C60W28 <br>Sixties Go-Go Costume <br>Retro Swirl Mini Dress
C60W31 <br>Sixties Retro Dress <br>Psychedelic Swirl Mini Dress
C60W36 <br>Womens Sixties Costume - Paisley Mini Dress
C60W38 <br>Sixtires Retro Costume <br> Swirl Keyhole Mini Dress
C60W55 <br>Retro Costume <br>Tangerine Dream Costume
CS136 <br>Period T Shirt <br> Tye Dye T Shirts
CS131 <br>Mans Costume Shirt <br>60's Flag Shirt
60M05<br>60's Costume<br>Original Beatles
CS183<br>Sgt. Pepper Jacket<br>Red or Blue
MNS61<br>Vintage Tuxedo<br>Prom King Blue
CS139 <br>Satiny Disco Shirt <br>Asst Colors
PMP01<br>Men's Pimp Suit<br>Purple Pimp Suit
PMP05<br>Pimp Suit<br>Big Daddy Inferno
PMP08<br>Pimp Suit<br>Trick Daddy Coat
60M86<br>Rocker Costume<br>Hair Band