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WOMEN'S COSTUMES - 1700's - 1919's

WOMEN'S COSTUMES<br>1700's - 1919'sFrench Court Lace to Bustles and Bows; Colonial to Victorian
Pirate Wenches, The Old West, Pioneers and Native American Costumes

17W04 <br>Colonial Costume <br>Common Colonial <br>Asst. Colors
17W08 <br>Colonial Costume <br>Colonial Lady <br>Red or Blue
17W09 <br>Colonial Costume <br>Brown Colonial Costume
17W10 <br>Womens Colonial<br>Martha Washington
17W14<br>1700's Costume<br>Blue Marie Antoinette
17W16 <br>Colonial Costume <br>Fancy Colonial Woman
17W24<br>1800's Costume <br>Dark Rose Strumpet
17W25 <BR>1800's Costume <br>Pretty Pink Floozy
17W26 <br>1800's Costume <br>Dance Hall Strumpet
GTH195<br>Women's Gothic Dress<br>Mistress Gothique
17W30 <br>Dance Hall Girl <br>Can Can Girl <br>Assorted Colors
17W31 <br>Old West Costume <br>Red Dance Hall <br>Can Can Dancer
17W33 <br>Old West Costume <br>Saloon Girl Costume <br>Dance Hall Darling
17W34<br>Old West Costume<br>Dance Hall Costume<br>Saloon Gal
SHG41 <br>Showgirl Costume <br>Dance Hall / Can Can <br>Gold or Turquoise
17W40 <br>Old West Costume <br>Native American Woman
17W42 <br>Native American Costume  <br>Doe Maiden Costume
17W43 <br>Wild West Costume <br>Annie Oakley Costume
17W45 <br>Frontier Costume <br>Pioneer Woman<br>Asst Colors
17W48 <br>Antebellum Era <br>Southern Belle <br>Scarlet's Curtain Dress
17W49<br>Period Ball Gown <br>Satin Lady Ball Gown <br>Asst Colors
17W51 <br>Southern Belle Costume <br>Belle of the Ball
17W52 <br>Antebellum Costume <br>Southern Belle <br>Carolina Belle
17W53 <br>Antebellum Costume <br>Southern Belle <br>Georgia Peach Costume
17W54 <br>Antebellum Costume <br>Satin Belle Costume <br>Assorted Colors
17W56 <br>Antebellum Costume <br>Southern Belle<br>White Rose Gown
17W57 <br>Civil War Costume <br>Southern Belle <br>The Regency Belle
17W58 <br>Southern Belle <br>Black and White Antebellum
17W60 <br>Civil War Era <br>Southern Belle <br>Red Antebellum
17W63 <br>Antebellum Gown <br> Period Ball Gown <br>Assorted Colors
17W65<br>Dickens Costume<br>Christmas Caroler
17W66 <br>Dickens Era Costume <br>Dicken's Lady Costume <br>Assorted Colors
17W67 <br>DickensCostume<br> Christmas Dress<br>Green or Red
17W70 <br>Dickens Era Costume <br>Dicken's Caroler
17W71<br>Victorian Costume <br>Deluxe Dickens Woman
17W72 <br>Victorian Costume <br>Penelope Brown
17W73<br>Womens 1800's Costume<br>Prairie Lady
17W74 <br>Victorian Costume <br>Promenade Dress <br>Assorted Colors
17W75 <br>Late 1800's Dress <br>Victorian Tea Dress <br>Assorted Colors
17W76 <br>Gibson Era<br>Walking Dress<br>Assorted Colors
17W78 <br>1800's Costume <br>Afternoon Dress <br>Asst Colors
17W80 <br>1800's Costume <br>Gibson Girl Costume <br>Skirt and Blouse
17W81 <br>Victorian Era Costume <br>Gibson Girl Dress
17W88 <br>1800's Costume <br>Period Walking Suit <br>Asst Colors
17W90 <br>Victorian Costume <br>Victorian Day Dress
17W91 <br>Edwardian Costume <br>Ascot Gown
17W92 <br>Edwardian Costume <br>My Fair Lady Dress
17W94 <br>Early 1900's Dress <br>Titanic Maiden Costume
17W95 <br>1900's Dress <br>Titanic Socialite Costume
17W98 <br>Early 1900's  Costume <br>1900's Day Dress
17W102<br>Edwardian Costume <br>English Nanny <br>Mary Poppins
17W120 <br>Women's World War I Uniform