MPKT367** Zombie Prosthetic - Devoured - Full Kit

MPKT367<br>Zombie Prosthetics<br>Devoured<br>Full Kit
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These Zombie prosthetic latex appliances are a quick way to add detail and depth to your zombie or horror makeup.

Each appliance features an open wound with a bloody red center, raised edges (up to 1/8" deep) around the wound and beige surrounding "skin" that is feathered for realistic application.

Devoured ZOMBIE FX KIT Kit Includes:
2 Latex Appliances
Liquid latex
Blood Gel
Spirit Gum
2 White Non-Latex Sponges
Black Stipple Sponge
Cream Makeups: Bruised Red, Forensic Blue Grey, Undead Purple

MPKT367<br>Zombie Prosthetics<br>Devoured<br>Full Kit
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