MPKT118** Creme Make-up - ProColoRing Bruise Wheel

MPKT118<br>Stage Makeup<br>Creme Make-up <br> ProColoRing Bruise Wheel
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Mehron's Bruise Wheel is an essential tool for creating bruise effects.

Consistent, creamy coverage based on the color wheel principle, any underlying skin tones or discolorations can be neutralized using these five colors.

ProColorRing Bruise Makeup Palette by Mehron includes all of the various colored Professional Makeup needed to create the different coloring of the stages of a bruise.

Bruises change colors gradually: initially they are very red, then gradually change to maroon and finally yellowish green.

Our palette covers all the stages of a healing bruise: Bloody Rose, Midnight Sky, Burny Maroon, Spanish Olive and Maize Yellow.

1 oz.rings.


Apply makeup on skin and progress to other colors for desired realistic bruise effect.
Set with Colorset Powder using a Powder Puff.

Remove with Makeup Remover followed by soap and water.

Artist Hint: Begin with Bloody Rose to create a fresh bruise and add Burnt Maroon and Midnight Sky to create an older bruise. Spanish Olive and Maize Yellow are used to create a healing bruise effect.

TIP: Drag a stipple sponge dipped in burnt maroon over makeup to create fresh scrapes and cuts.

MPKT118<br>Stage Makeup<br>Creme Make-up <br> ProColoRing Bruise WheelMPKT118<br>Stage Makeup<br>Creme Make-up <br> ProColoRing Bruise Wheel
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