FNG06** Fake Fangs - True Blood Fangs

FNG06 <br>Fake Fangs <br>True Blood Fangs
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Designed to Look Like the Long Narrow Fangs of your favorite show, HBO’s TRUEBLOOD™.

Only Custom Designer® TRUEBLOOD™ Fangs are so distinctly Long and Slender, so don’t settle for cheap imitations!

Custom Designer® TRUEBLOOD™ Fangs feel like they are a part of you.

TRUEBLOOD™ Fangs are streamlined for comfort, and are locking, double-chambered for a fit so secure, you can speak normally and drink cold red beverages!

TRUEBLOOD™ Fangs fit your bite naturally, so you can wear Medium, Large, and even super X-large comfortably.

Shock your friends or charm your favorite human with Custom Designer® TRUEBLOOD™ Fangs!!!

Both Fangs and Alpha One Thermoplastic are NON-TOXIC, and will not harm dental work. However, they are not to be used if you have dental plates, or wear braces.

Made in the USA. Preferred by stage performers!

FNG06 <br>Fake Fangs <br>True Blood Fangs
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