BMS14** Synthetic Mustache - The English Style - Stick On

BMS14 <br>Synthetic Mustache <br>The English Style <br>Stick On
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Although not as realistic as the glue on human hair styles, these stick on mustaches look great and are instant on and instant off.

This mustache is made from synthetic materials and has an adhesive strip for attachment.

This will work for a couple of wearings but if you want to wear it longer or more often, glue on with spirit gum. If you need to purchase spirit gum, I have included a link below. For larger quantities, please contact me.

Colors: Black, Dark Brown or Grey.

The spirit gum adhesive remover is also available below. This is a specially developed solvent for the removal of the spirit gum. It is gentler to the skin than most other removers.

BMS14 <br>Synthetic Mustache <br>The English Style <br>Stick On
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